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Landscape & wildlife Please note - A new body, Natural Resources Wales has taken over all functions and services previously carried out by Countryside Council for Wales. While the Natural Resources Wales website continues to be developed, some online services will continue to be provided on this web site.

Crûg  Farm Quarry

Although Crûg Quarry has been known to geologists for nearly 150 years recent research is proving that the site still has a great deal of new data to offer. Detailed study has revealed the presence of a rich and diverse assemblage of conodont microfossils which is considered unique in Britain for rocks of this age. On the basis of over thirty forms of conodont described from Crûg Farm, comparisons of this sequence have been made with strata of a similar age from various locations in Central America. Study has also been made of the other fossils recorded from Crûg Quarry and the site is now considered to be of key importance as a reference site for a number of species of trilobite.

Crug Farm Quarry SSSI aerial photo

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Managing this site

The site is under private ownership. The special features of this SSSI and CCW’s views about site management have been summarised in a Site Management Statement, addressed to the owners and managers of the land. The statement can be found in the resource section below.

Access information

A public footpath runs along the southern edge of the site. For detailed maps and information regarding access visit our access map via the resource section below.

Other information

Crug means ‘mound’.




Access map

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