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Wernbongam Stream Section and Quarry

Some 400 million years ago a fundamental change took place which had a profound effect in shaping the geology of Wales. For a period of at least 200 million years before this much of Wales was covered by sea, and the thick deposits of mud and sands which accumulated in this environment were consolidated to form rock which was eventually uplifted by Earth movements to stand above the sea as dry land. In broad terms, the Werbongam site demonstrates the change from sediments which are predominantly of marine origin to strata which were deposited in a freshwater environment. In other parts of Wales, this change was apparently accompanied by great upheavals in the Earth's crust, but this was not the case in the Werbongam area, where there was a gradual change from marine to a non-marine type of sedimentation. Werbongam is therefore of critical importance in the understanding and interpretation of this important event.

Wernbongam Stream Section and Quarry SSSI aerial photo

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The site is under the ownership of Carmarthenshire County Council. The special features of this SSSI and CCW’s views about site management have been summarised in a Site Management Statement, addressed to the owners and managers of the land. The statement can be found in the resource section below.

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Werbongam means ‘alder (grove) having a crooked end or base’ with Wer probably meaning gwern ‘alder-grove’ and bongam ‘having a crooked end or base’.




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