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Afon Teifi/ River Teifi SAC

At 122 km, the Afon Teifi/River Teifi is one of the longest rivers in Wales. From its source in the Teifi Pools, situated at 455m in the Cambrian Mountains, the river descends steeply through the upland pastures and flows through the raised bog of Cors Caron, itself a SAC. Below Cors Caron the Teifi meanders through lowland farmland, joined by a number of small tributaries from either side of the valley, several of which also form part of the SAC. Rocky, tree-lined sections are found along the lower part of the river, and there are several impressive gorges before the river winds its way past the wildlife-rich Teifi Marshes and the town of Cardigan before flowing out into Cardigan Bay.

Afon Teifi River Teifi SAC Map

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The river is of European importance for its populations of fish, including Atlantic salmon, river, brook and sea lamprey, and bullhead. There is also an important population of otters. The Teifi is also notable for its characteristic and diverse community of river plants, of which stream water-crowfoot is the most prominent member. The rare floating water-plantain grows at this site, occurring both in parts of the main river and in the Teifi Pools, where it forms a component of an interesting upland lake plant community.


Summary Map
Map of the site showing the legal boundary.

Summary Set Maps showiing the legal boundary

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Large Scale Designation Maps showiing the legal boundary

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Register of European Sites Entry
The RES entry lists the habitat types or species for which the site is considered to qualify under the criteria in the 1992 Habitats and Species Directive.

Details of Afon Teifi / River Teifi SAC and the Natura 2000 form

Official Maps docs and Citations
CCWs interactive map of the site.

Site Management

Management Plan
The conservation objectives are provided as part of a Core Management Plan which also includes the results of monitoring and advice on any action required.

The map shows the management units, which makes it easier for everyone to understand what management is needed in different parts of the site.


Many designated sites are on private land: the listing of a site in these pages does not imply any right of public access. For more information about access please refer to our interactive access maps.

Access Map
This is a link to the official CCW interactive access map

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